Sarah: Earns a Bachelors Degree



Ok, so admittedly this was in the works well before I started this little project, but in terms of things a person can do, graduating from college is a pretty big one. On Saturday I sat through a miserable 6 hours of ceremonial garbage, walked across a stage, shook hands with a man I’d never met and was handed a diploma (or at least, a leather folder I can put my diploma in when I receive it in the mail!)

Yesiree, I officially have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film and Television. ¬†Oh, and did I mention I graduated with honors? Art school is so easy I feel like it’s pretty sad if you don’t graduate with honors, but a lot of people thought I’d never make it through college, so I’ll take whatever extra tassels they want to throw at me. MAGNA CUM LAUDE, BITCHES!


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